Size Guide

Kids feet are always growing.
So if you're unsure, grab the bigger size!!!

Size (AU/UK) Suggested Age Length of sole

Width - At heel

Width - At ball of foot

2 0-6 months 11cm 5cm 3.5cm
3 6-12 months 11.8cm 5.5cm 4cm
4 12-18 months 12.6cm 6cm 4cm
5 18-24 months 13.4cm 6cm 4cm


Above is our size guide to assist you with your purchase. Please note that this is the actual shoe dimensions so make sure you choose the size up. For example if your child's foot is 11cm in length they will not fit the size 2 which is 11cm in length itself. You would need to select the size 3 which is 11.8cm to allow room to get their foot into the shoe, especially with socks. 

To measure your child's foot, make sure their foot is against a flat surface and toes are not curled under. It is far easier to grab some paper and draw a line at their heel and at their tow on the paper and then measure the distance between the two. Paper doesn't wriggle nearly as much as your little ones feet. 

We have provided an age guide if you are purchasing for a gift. Please note that this is a very rough guide based on national averages, all kids are different and grow at different rates so we always suggest that if you're not sure then size up. Kids will always grow into a larger size, but unfortunately they will never get smaller.